Transactional vs Relational


Like many organizations, we survey our staff annually to get anonymous feedback on our organizational health. We end the survey with an open-ended question, asking for any three words that describe our culture. Every answer is represented in this word cloud. There was a three way tie for the most used words: Supportive, Innovative and Fun. Right behind were Flexible, Inspiring, and Passionate. 

Even more amazing, on the question “I am able to maintain my personal priorities with my workload” not a single employee disagreed! 100% of our staff feels seen and prioritized in a way that’s not often associated with work. 

There’s a theory in business that organizations can thrive transactionally or relationally. Leaders, those are not mutually exclusive. We make hard decisions too, we never have enough resources. But being good to people IS good for business. Our momentum and key performance indicators continue to shine and grow. External accolades come and go, but my proudest days as a leader are when I know people feel loved and supported. Our incredible growth shows it’s great for business as well.

What are you doing to support someone in your workplace?